Guys We Can Get Behind #2 – The Puppy Bowl Ref

The Puppy Bowl, if you are unaware, is the greatest part of Super Bowl Sunday, aside from when one of your friends drinks too much Natty Light and decides to play grab-ass with his fantasy football buddies. The Puppy Bowl, which has aired on Animal Planet before the Super Bowl for the past six years, is quite possibly the most important event on television for anyone with functioning eyes and a heart. While the Puppy Bowl may not showcase the same degree of athletic prowess or homoeroticism as the Super Bowl, it does feature adorable puppies romping, drinking water, and napping.

At the center of this magical experience is bearded Brooklynite Andrew Schecter, who has served as the Puppy Bowl ref for the past three years. You might be asking yourself, “Why doesn’t he classify as a sad man with a small dog if he plays with puppies all day?” a question for which I have the following answer: Puppies and small dogs, while not mutually exclusive, are not always the same thing. While small dogs serve two functions, pussy kryptonite for single men, and a reminder of how much your significant other hates you if you’re spoken for, puppies, much like adorable infants in baby Bjorns, are like an Acela ticket to Sextown. While I know little about Andrew Schecter other than the fact that we share a borough and he makes me want to do things that would forever shame my family, I do understand that he’s a smart, calculating sex fiend, a caring, puppy-loving man, and a dude whose efforts I can fully support.


One Response to “Guys We Can Get Behind #2 – The Puppy Bowl Ref”

  1. I had no idea there was a Puppy Bowl. I’ll have to catch it next year. =)

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