A Quick Lesson On Accessorizing

Accessories manlier than the Puppy Purse: Tote bag, leather cuff, spurs, gloves, money clip, chainsaw, scarf,  wedding ring, eyepatch, yoga mat, sunglasses, yarmulke, hammer, belt, fedora, hair extensions, baseball mitt, Crocs, ear muffs, goblet, knee pads, cummerbund, leather vest, barette, bolo tie, carpal tunnel brace, swimming goggles, sock full of quarters, cowboy hat, gold fronts, fairy wings, cravat, hockey mask, bandana, cleats, machete, tube top, Mardi Gras beads, push-up bra, ascot, chaps, slippers, ice skates, feather boa, pocket square, tutu

Accessories less manly than the Puppy Purse:


2 Responses to “A Quick Lesson On Accessorizing”

  1. Wow. Are you sure you didn’t photo shop this one? That poor dog. And that poor man–who let him out of the house like that?

  2. hahahahahahahhaha. thats all i need to say.

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